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Imagine the vibrant glow of the color pink illuminating your surroundings. That's the essence of what Pink & You brings to your life. We are dedicated to lighting up your spaces with cleanliness and vitality. Our journey began with the realization that a truly clean environment encompasses not only the absence of dirt but also the presence of health and positivity.


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Our Inception

With a legacy of expertise spanning over 14 years, Pink & You was established with the belief that the spaces we inhabit significantly impact our well-being. As the bustling schedules, demanding lifestyles, and the fast-paced nature of modern life leave individuals and businesses with limited time and energy to devote to the meticulous upkeep of their environments, Pink & You emerged with a keen awareness of the escalating demand for expert cleaning and maintenance services.

A Vision Beyond Cleaning

At Pink & You, our vision surpasses mere cleaning. We stand firm in our belief in the transformative influence of environments. A clean and inviting home can lead to relaxation, while a clutter-free workspace can boost focus and creativity. Pink & You strives to harness this connection, utilizing our expertise to craft spaces that contribute positively to your life.

Your Trusted Partner in Transforming Spaces, Enriching Lives

We understand that not everyone has the time, resources, or expertise to maintain their surroundings at the level they desire. This is where Pink & You steps in; as a partner that delivers the professionalism and attention to detail required for a pristine, impeccable environment.

Expertise That Matters

While the notion of cleaning might often be perceived as a do-it-yourself endeavor, the reality is quite different. Properly maintaining a home or office requires a level of expertise that goes far beyond simple sweeping and mopping. Cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all job and entails more than just surface-level aesthetics. It involves creating a living environment that is not only visually pleasing but also free from harmful germs and allergens.

Diverse Range of Services

We are not confined to traditional cleaning services. Our expertise extends far beyond. In addition to our core cleaning services, we proudly provide an array of supplementary solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From offering tea services in corporate spaces to proficiently handling color washing and building maintenance, we cover an expansive range of services.

Furthermore, our commitment to flexibility shines through in our willingness to craft customized solutions that align precisely with your unique needs.

A Reputation of Excellence

At Pink & You, we are proud to have earned the trust and confidence of our esteemed clients, both in the corporate and domestic realms. Our interactions with many prestigious corporate and domestic clients have enabled us to understand the unique demands of various industries which facilitates crafting tailored solutions that align with the aspirations of each client.

Prioritizing Your Safety

At Pink & You, your safety holds the utmost importance to us. Our team members are not only skilled in their work but also selected for their credibility and friendliness. To provide an extra layer of assurance, every member of our team operates under the vigilant supervision of a senior staff member. Your peace of mind is of paramount importance to us.


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  • MSDS-Certified Chemicals
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